CHICAGO (CBS)–A Crystal Lake lawyer is being held in the Cook County jail without bond after allegedly sending a threatening email to a public official.

Donald Franz, 52, is charged with two felony counts of threatening a public official and two felony counts of harassing an individual by phone.

Suburban lawyer charged with threatening public officials.

The Northwest suburban lawyer is already on probation for convictions in a 2017 case involving DUI, resisting arrest and illegal possession of a firearms identification card. Police who searched his home and say they found 36 high powered rifles, rifles and shotguns as well as 20 handguns and thousands of bullets.

This 2017 discovery was in the midst of a separate investigation by the Illinois Supreme Court into misconduct by Franz. This separate investigation led to the suspension of Franz’s law license for two years.

According to police, Franz emailed death threats, in 2017, to an ARDC lawyer. The email stated, “Do you know the difference between my office and yours? Metal detectors. Mine has none.”

Franz also threatened an ARDC client as well, allegedly saying in a voicemail, “..will see you soon, you won’t see it, you’ll get it. Goodbye.”

The commission suspended Franz’s law license for two years back in 2017.

Sources say members of the same department at the Illinois Supreme Court are the victims again in the alleged threats made this week by Franz.

The Lawyers who have represented Franz in the past did not respond when asked to comment.


Lauren Victory