CHICAGO (CBS)–A parent is outraged and wants answers from Chicago Public Schools officials after her 7-year old daughter–who has down syndrome– escaped her school in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood Monday afternoon and walked into a stranger’s home.

The child, Destiny Arzola, wandered out of Carter G. Woodson South Elementary School and into the back door of Anton Montgomery’s home.

“Suddenly the door opens in pops this little person,” Montgomery said. “I stood up and I said ‘hey, you okay?'”

Alarmed when the child suddenly appeared in his back entryway, Montgomery called police and started filming a live video on Facebook. The video has since garnered more than 73,000 views.

“This is sad,” Montgomery said. “Something could have happened to this little girl.”

Without providing details on how a young special needs student was able to walk out of the school unsupervised, CPS on Tuesday called it an “unacceptable situation” and said school officials are working on procedures to keep a similar incident from happening again.

CPS’s answer left doubts with the child’s mother, Perla Arzola, who said school staff waited at least 30 minutes to call her after Montgomery brought her back to the school.

“I could have been here helping look for her outside while they look for her inside–that was precious time,” Arzola said.

A man who rescued a CPS student who wandered out of school Monday embraces her mother.

Her mother said she tossed and turned without getting much sleep Monday night as her mind drifted to the “what-if’s.”

“I haven’t really slept because you’re thinking about everything that could’ve happened,” Arzola said. “”My daughter is blessed.”

Arzola claims school officials told her not to tell anyone what happened, but she feels parents should know.