By Lauren Victory

CHICAGO (CBS)—Grainy video shows smoke filling the hallways of Chicago’s Morgan Park High School as students scramble for safety.

That was the scene when fireworks were set off in the school.

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Students are saying it felt like a real life “Call of Duty” game.

But it had real-life consequences because 10 students were injured—one 15-year-old hospitalized.

Instagram user “TaySoSaucy,” who declined to give his real-life name, tells CBS 2 he heard a loud boom then pulled out his phone to capture the chaos.

Laughter and screams are heard as students bolted through smoky hallways at the high school around 9:30 a.m., between the morning passing periods.

The student who shared it said it sounded like gunshots at first.

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Later, police say they found fragments of a firework.

Administrators are not taking this prank lightly.

“At no point did the school need to be evacuated and the incident is now under investigation,” school officials said in a statement.

They plan to meet with parents this week to discuss the incident.


Lauren Victory