CHICAGO (CBS)–  Sources say officers were more familiar with Manny’s Blue Room than they initially led on.

People familiar with the nightclub at the center of the officer-involved shooting, of 26-year-old security guard Jemel Roberson, are taking issue with a statement from Robbins Police Chief from the day of the shooting.

When the Robbins police chief was asked if his department had been out to Manny’s Blue Room for other calls in the past, he said “no.”

“No, we haven’t had any serious incidents or anything over here in the past,” Chief Roy Wells stated.

Midlothian PD records show that even as an outside agency, they were called to assist Robbins police at the bar’s address at least 32 times in the last 10 years.

The Robbins Police Department is ignoring CBS 2’s requests for reports. The Midlothian Police Department accepted the request and sent their numbers.

Greg Kulis, attorney for the family of Jemel Roberson, says the numbers show Robbins PD knew the nightclub well.

Robbins police did not comment.

It was confirmed Monday that three photos released by the Cook County Sheriff’s Dept. Tuesday night, were captured with dash cams from one of the agencies that responded to the call for “shots fired” early on the morning of Nov. 11.

This is the first time investigators have even acknowledged that video from that morning exists.

It has not been confirmed which agency recorded the dash cam video, but now the public knows it exists.

Investigators say they are interested in speaking to the pictured individuals in the videos because they may have information that could help in the ongoing investigation.

Despite his subpoena, investigators will not release video to the attorney representing Roberson’s family.

Manny’s has officially lost its business license and remains closed.