By Vince Gerasole

CHICAGO (CBS)– The heavy snow took a toll on everything from power lines to trees.

The Department of Streets and Sanitation said they responded to at least 400 calls to toppled trees under heavy snow.

Crew scrambled to respond on the northwest side when the weight of the snow cracked a steel light pole at its base reportedly, hitting crucial communications lines as it tumbled to the ground.

The steel traffic light and pole crashed to the roadway at Clark and North Avenue. Fortunately, no one was passing underneath.

Trees fell on cars in some areas.

A Jeep in Old Town was no match for the trunk and branches that came crashing on its roof. The tree became tangled in utility lines and even blocked a lane of La Salle.

It was a matter of luck for Mark Fricke, an Old Town resident who found his safe Jeep, parked close to the damaged Jeep.

He said he felt “fortunate” that his car was not damaged.

Residents may be without power for up to four hours Monday night as ComEd works to restore the lines damaged by the heavy snow.

Vince Gerasole