By Suzanne Le Mignot

CHICAGO (CBS)– Three days after the storm, 3,000 customers are still without power in the Chicago area.

One neighborhood, in the western suburbs, has been in the dark because of a ComEd mistake.

Glen Ellyn Woods is a heavily wooded area. There are several downed trees that landed on power lines. Homes on the east side of Red Oak Drive have power, on the west do not.

A ComEd representative said a work ticket was closed accidentally Wednesday, while working on the power outage.

Resident Tony Pechi says he called ComEd repeatedly since the power went out on his block Sunday.

Today Pechi says ComEd told him the reason the ticket was closed Wednesday afternoon.

“We were still lacking power,” Pechi said. “It turned out, ComEd was using outside contractors to check the pole and they had checked the wrong one. It had indicated that the power had been restored when it had not.”

Homeowner Julie McLaughlin’s thermostat in her home read only 44 degrees.

“I pay my ComEd bills just like everyone else does, I want my power on,” McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin has a home office and works on commission. That means her income has been on hold since the power went out, Sunday night.

“It’s been very challenging, it’s tough,” she said.

Homeowners also have no running water, because electricity pumps well water into houses.

Lee Weir tossed the majority of his food and is now left with mostly condiments.

“Everything in the refrigerator was lost everything both bridges all the leftovers from Thanksgiving, Weir said. “The house was full of food.”

ComEd trucks arrived and are working to restore the power by Wednesday night.