By Dorothy Tucker

CHICAGO (CBS) — The City Of Chicago improperly issued duplicate tickets on the same day, citing drivers who did not have the required city sticker, according to a class action lawsuit filed Thursday.

According to an analysis by Pro Publica,  the city has issued 20,000 duplicate tickets since 2007. In one case, a driver was ticketed three times in 90 minutes.

The lawsuit contends duplicate tickets violates a city ordinance that states ”a separate and distinct offense shall be considered as committed for each and every day any vehicle is used upon the public ways of the city.”

The suit asks the city to refund drivers and forgive debts and correct a system to prevent duplicate tickets.

Residents face a $200 fine for not posting a city sticker on their car. Late fee adds another $200 and then there’s the administration fee of $88.

Rodney Shelton got two tickets on his car on Oct. 22, 2014. He calls the duplicate tickets unfair and a slap in the face to people who already struggle to pay tickets and fines.

Dorothy Tucker