CHICAGO (CBS)– At least nine confirmed tornadoes touched down in central Illinois Saturday night.

Taylorville was an area hit hardest by tornadoes, with 22 people injured.

According to Taylorville Police, streets will remain closed and crews are still working to survey the damage.

The Taylorville Fire Department is still unsure of the amount of tornado-related injuries. Throughout the night, the fire department warned residents to stay home and seek shelter.

Another tornado was reported just 50 miles south of Kankakee.

Governor Bruce Rauner announced the decision to activate the State Emergency Operations Center in Springfield.

“We activated the State Emergency Operations Center so that we could closely monitor the situation, keep in contact with local officials and quickly mobilize any state assets that may be needed,” said Rauner in a press release. “If state assistance is need, we are well-positioned to provide it quickly and efficiently.”