By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS)—Hyde Park resident Hersey Mallory describes himself as a frustrated guitarist, but he has irritations outside of his music.

Strumming his guitar at his home on Monday, Mallory described frustrations from his failed attempt to send boxes containing valuable cargo inside.

Despite his troubles, he managed to keep his sense of humor.

“I’m laughing, but I’m hot as fish grease,” he said.

Mallory tried to ship a half-dozen packages on a Greyhound bus back on Oct. 16 to his wife in Las Vegas, who spoke to CBS 2 on video chat.

“I’m trying to find work and I’m replacing the items now,” Valarie Thomas-Mallory said in a Skype call on Monday.

Thomas-Mallory said she was hoping to do hair and nails in Vegas. The boxes contained about $500 worth of beauty supplies she uses for work.

The couple was told the packages would arrive by Nov. 5.

But weeks passed without the shipment showing up in Las Vegas.

“It was for seven days—expedited service,” she said. “Then it went to 21 business days.”

Her calls to Greyhound were fruitless.

“They get on the phone and yell ‘Hey Harry, have you seen those boxes?’ And Harry tells back, ‘no,’” she said.

Greyhound is allowing the couple to make a claim, but since the couple only insured the packages for $50, they’re probably out of luck.

“I’m so frustrated I could scream,” Thomas-Mallory said.

The lesson learned? Don’t cut corners with shipping insurance, and make sure to insure items for  their full value.

In a statement, Greyhound said:  “Greyhound is currently in the process of investigating the whereabouts of those items and has placed senior management in each region on high alert in an effort to successfully locate and return the packages to Mr. and Mrs. Mallory.”