CHICAGO (CBS)– For months, rocks have been thrown from the 606 trail and into nearby houses and residents say they no longer feel safe.

The most recent incident occurred Monday night.

A 5-pound rock crashed through Anne Olson’s living room window. She said this has happened about five times.

Olson said her landlord has nearly given up replacing the window that faces the south side of the Bloomingdale Trail.

Every time rocks are thrown, Olson or her boyfriend sees a group of teens running away. She thought they would have been caught by now.

Allyson Altenburg, a mom of two, said her home was also hit Monday night.

“I heard a loud crash,” she said.

Altenburg said her kids were playing in the room when glass went flying through the air.

“Once I got in and saw the glass, I knew it had come from the trail,” she said.

For months this has been a concern and residents are wondering why the cameras along the trail have not led police to the suspects.

Olson asked to have access to the camera and was told, “no.”

Chicago police say they have received reports of criminal damaging and detectives will be reviewing private and public cameras for clues.

The Chicago Park District manages the 606 and they said this incident is still under investigation.