By Dorothy Tucker

Chicago (CBS) — Final days, final sales at HOBO.

For Leroy Bell, it could have been the final nail in the coffin and a loss of $13,000 for custom cabinets he ordered. The company refused to deliver the cabinets when it filed for bankruptcy in October.

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Bell had dipped into his pension to pay for the cabinets. The retired utility worker had pretty much given up until he received a call from CBS 2 after the initial story about Bell’s predicament aired.

A viewer, who asked to remain anonymous, wanted to help with “no strings/no obligation”. Then the viewer called Bell.

“He told me he was sorry to hear what had happened to me and that he would pay for them,” Bell said. “I was like, ‘is this for real?’”

As real as it gets. The viewer even convinced Kabinart, the manufacturer, to accept the wholesale price of $9,000 for the cabinets.

“We did a three-way conference call with Kabinart,” Bell said. “He paid everything right there on the phone.”

An email confirmed the payment. A delivery answered Bell’s prayers, which he excitedly captured on video.

Nearly 40 boxes of cabinets he thought would never arrive were paid for by a stranger, who said in the latest email he wanted Bell to know, “Chicago is filled with compassionate people who just want to help.”

“To me, he’s like my guardian angel,” Bell said. “I just thank God that everything went the way that it did.”

Sources inside the company told CBS 2 there could be dozens of customers who didn’t get their custom orders or a refund because of HOBO’s bankruptcy.

HOBO closes its doors for good next Saturday, Dec. 15.

Dorothy Tucker