CHICAGO (CBS) — The teenage suspect who died in an active shooter situation at a middle school in Richmond, Indiana, has been identified.

Brandon Clegg, 14, of Richmond, Indiana, died of a single self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to the Wayne County Coroner. The coroner has not released the location of the gunshot wound, but says there is no indication of any other gunshot wounds or trauma to Clegg.

The 911 call that alerted police and school officials of imminent danger was made by Clegg’s mother, Mary York, Indiana State Police say.

Police responded to an active shooter incident at Dennis Middle School in Richmond, Indiana, on Dec. 13, 2018. Police said a teenage shooter killed himself after officers confronted him inside. No other students were injured. (Source: WTTV)

Police say shortly after 8 a.m., police in Richmond were alerted to a possible act of violence about to occur at Dennis Middle School. The school was immediately locked down, and when officers arrived, they confronted Clegg, who shot out the glass of a locked door and ran inside that school.

Officers chased the boy inside, and exchanged shots with him. Police said the boy was not a student at Dennis Middle School. No students or officers were wounded.

The autopsy reports are preliminary, according to the coroner. Final results will not be available for several weeks.