Chicago (CBS) — Around 9:43 a.m. Saturday, the Chicago Fire Department said they received a call about a young boy with his foot caught in an escalator at the Macy’s on State Street.

CBS 2 does not know the extent of the boy’s injuries, but witnesses said the situation appeared very serious. The boy, whose age has not been disclosed, was taken to Lurie Children’s Hospital on a trauma bypass.

Chicago police said the incident happened near the fourth floor of the 125-year-old department store building and that the escalator in question is currently roped off and being inspected.

Macy’s has acknowledged the incident, telling CBS in a statement:

“We are very sorry that this accident happened and are currently investigating. We continuously assess the condition of our escalators and elevators to keep compliant within the city and state codes.”

Building permit and inspection records noted Macy’s failed a permit inspection in October.

Records show three violations pertaining to escalator equipment including one violation that asked the department store to “eliminate sharp edges and corners of decking”.

On Saturday, Macy’s said all violations have been addressed.

The Chicago Building Department was unable to confirm any information about the violations from October.