CHICAGO (CBS)– Friends of 31-year-old Chicago Police Officer Conrad Gary are calling him a devoted husband and father.

Gary and his fellow officer Eduardo Marmolejo were hit by a train while pursuing a suspect in the Rosemoor neighborhood Monday night.

Growing up in Oak Lawn, Gary always wanted to join the police force.

Gary and his wife Kelly have been married six years and their baby daughter Tess was just six months old.

Kristyn Turek, a close friend since their days at Oak Lawn High School.

“Conrad, out of all out us, was probably the most mature,” Turek said. “He was really motivated in school and stayed focused on his testing. He always wanted to

be a cop. That’s what he ultimately ended up doing.”

Gary graduated from Eastern Illinois, then served five years in the Air Force but returned to Chicago to be closer to his family and join Chicago Police Department.

Turek said she stayed close to Gary and his family through dinner on Sundays and family events.

Turek isn’t shocked that Gary’s focus and in pursuit of a suspect, unaware of an approaching train, may have played a role in losing his life.

“Just from my personal opinion, I’m not surprised something like this took him because he was so dedicated to being a cop,” she said.

Gary lived in the Mt. Greenwood area. His neighbors are dealing with the tragedy.

“It’s horrible it’s a tragedy every time you hear a police officer death or a firefighter and around here especially it hits home,” Kevin McGovern said.

Neighbor Kathleeh Hughes heard the news she said “you just cry, that’s all.”

GoFundMe pages have been set up for both Marmolejo and Gary.

Derrick Blakley