Chicago (CBS) — Chicago police are warning people in Lakeview to be on the lookout for armed carjackers after four carjackings in the past 10 days.

Police say one to three armed suspects committed the carjackings during evening hours on mostly quiet streets. Two were rideshare drivers. In one, a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver was called to the 500 block of West Aldine Avenue, then carjacked.

Police say carjacking arrests are up about five percent this year, and they have formed a carjacking task force. But, they can’t do it alone.

“We need the public’s help because a lot of these guys go around bragging about what it is they’ve done,” CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.

Lakeview residents said they are staying vigilant.

“I think it’s always important to be aware,” Emily Kean said. “I don’t think we should be looking at our phones when we’re walking around, just notice people and keep our eyes out.”

But many say they still just don’t feel safe.

“I park in a garage and always feel a little bit nervous if the garage isn’t down,” Allison Pietras said. “I’m making sure to get home right now before it’s dark.”

Chicago police are also asking people in the area to know their license plate numbers to help police track down their vehicle if they are carjacked.

Chelsea Irving