CHICAGO (CBS)–Orland Park police are searching for a person who snatched packages from the lobby of a building where he was delivering food.

In surveillance footage from a condo building on the 15600 block of Park Station Boulevard, a man is seen entering the lobby on Dec. 21 with a bag of food.

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As he exits a short time later, he notices a group of packages sitting on a ledge in the common area.

He walks over and takes a look at them and then starts to walk out of the door.

But before he gets outside, he apparently changes his mind and goes back for the packages, scooping them up and making a quick exit.

The man who stole the packages was a passenger in the vehicle of a woman working for a food delivery service, according to Orland Park Police Sergeant Wayne Lee.

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(The Orland Park Police Department’s Facebook page)

He did not work as a delivery person, but brought the food to a resident of the building, Lee said.

“A person delivering food drove him there,” Lee said. “He delivered the food and he grabbed the packages and left the building.”

Orland Park police posted the video in the police department’s weekly ‘Wanted Wednesday’ Facebook post on Jan. 2.

Lee said each week the police department posts a photo or video of someone wanted for a crime in the hopes that more tips will come in that will lead to more criminals being arrested.

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