CHICAGO (CBS)—McDonald’s breakfast lovers can try out a new sugary morning treat this winter, when the chain rolls out its newest menu item, Donut Sticks. 

A spokesperson for the Chicago-based company confirmed Donut Sticks were tested at restaurant locations in California, Florida, Oklahoma and Washington last fall.

Federal health officials reported Thursday an additional 123 cases of cyclospora infection in an outbreak linked to McDonald’s salads that began in May. (FILE)

Business Insider reports Donut Sticks will be available at McDonald’s restaurants across the U.S. starting in February. The McDonald’s rep could not confirm whether they would be available at Chicago-area McDonalds, however.

Donut Sticks were described in Business Insider as “strips of deep-fried dough, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar,” that will be available only during breakfast hours.

The report from the news outlet says customers will be able to purchase six Donut Sticks at the recommended price of $1.29, or a dozen for $2.39.