By Lauren Victory

Chicago (CBS) — There’s a peculiar problem on Lori Lona’s block.

“I come home from work, it’s pitch black, and I pull into the garage and you don’t know if anybody’s out there,” Lona said. “It’s scary.”

Her paranoia’s been more than a week in the making.

Streetlamps up and down Albany Avenue along 108th and 109th are snuffed out.

Almost two full blocks are left in the dark.

“You can’t see to see if somebody’s out here,” Pam Cosgrove said. “My dog barks. I’m looking to see where somebody is, but you can’t see out here.”

Residents are growing frustrated the problem isn’t resolved.

Kirsten Dunford said she’s called 311 twice.

“It’s a little scary to try to take our garbage out to the alley,” Dunford said. “I don’t want the kids to go out there if it’s dark out.”

Holiday lights helped for a while, but now that decorations are headed into hibernation, anxiety is springing up.

The area’s most recent crime stats are available for the month of December and include reports of a home invasion, an aggravated assault and more than a few car thefts.

Worried homeowners are praying those numbers don’t up while the lights are out.

Lauren Victory