CHICAGO (CBS) — An Indiana man has been charged with first-degree murder, after allegedly running over another man in the parking lot of the Chatham Ridge shopping center on the South Side on Monday.

Police said 29-year-old Keith Watley, of East Chicago, was arrested around 3:15 p.m. Monday near 86th and Lafayette, after witnesses identified him as the driver who intentionally hit 21-year-old Carlos Posadas with a black Ford pickup truck about 15 minutes earlier in the parking lot of Chatham Ridge shopping center, near 87th Street and the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Keith Watley, 29, is charged with first-degree murder, after police said he intentionally hit 21-year-old Carlos Posadas with his car. (Source: Chicago Police)

Investigators said Watley and Posadas knew each other and had a history of arguments about getting work there. Witnesses said Posadas and his two brothers would hang out in the area, looking for work helping to install parts customers would by at the nearby auto store.

“He was a nice father,” Ricardo Morales said. “He worked every day, even on Sundays. He’d always bring me over here, so we could work together, make some money for our families.”

Witnesses said Posadas’ brothers and a handful of other people stopped Watley’s truck near the parking lot at Chatham Ridge after he ran over Posadas.

“I just saw the people running over to the car to stop it, and I didn’t go toward the crowd because it looked like mayhem. It looked like quite a scene,” said Donovan Price.

Watley has been charged with one count of first-degree murder, and was due to appear in bond court Thursday afternoon.