CHICAGO (CBS) — The manager who threw a chair at a black teen in a Chicago restaurant has been fired.

According to the Poke Poké Facebook site, the restaurant apologized to John “Kyle”Johnson for what happened. After finishing an internal investigation, the company said it fired Matthew Fezzey.


“We believe in treating everyone with respect and compassion, and his actions were against our principles and values,” the restaurant said on its Facebook page.

It comes after Fezzey was suspended earlier this week after the incident that took place on January 2.

John “Kyle” Johnson, 18, said he and his friends walked into the Poke Poké restaurant at Monroe and Wabash because he saw someone inside wave at him. He said, when they got inside, manager Matthew Fezzey immediately started yelling and swearing at them.

Johnson later called police himself, and began filming Fezzey after they went outside.


While Fezzey later apologized on video, Johnson said he didn’t believe the apology was genuine.