By Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS) — Drivers who worked for a trucking company are without paychecks and work after their company never paid.

One family says they are owed more than $1,000 from Alex Logistics since last year.

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Ikram Kamal and her husband, Ihab, have spent almost four months trying to get more than $1,200 they’re owed from Alex Logistics, Inc., their trucking broker.

“I couldn’t pay my bills,” Ihab, a driver for the company, said.

“It’s just really annoying,” Ikram said.

Kamal owns a trucking business and began delivering loads for Alex Logistics in September. At first, he got his money. Then nothing except a series of calls and emails that went nowhere.

Ihab received a letter that reads, “Ihab, you have to check with Andrew. If he is not going to be in, we cannot do any checks.”

The Kamals filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Labor and believe they’re not the only ones left unpaid.

“Because I Googled to see what their reviews were, and it was just crazy, the comments that I read from the people that they owed,” Ikram said.

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CBS 2 went to Alex Logistics’ Park Ridge office looking for the Andrew the Kamal’s dealt with. The office was almost empty, with sources telling saying Andrew moved across the hall.

Andrew refused to talk with CBS 2. So our reporter spoke to a man in the company’s former office, who said he’s not associated with the company.

Interesting , considering the Kamals’ later identified him as another Alex Logistics employee, and his Facebook page lists him as its Chief Operating officer.

CBS 2 also confirmed Alex Logistics lost its insurance in October and found Illinois Secretary of State records showing the company was voluntarily dissolved last week.

“They just needed to be called out on it,” Ikram said. “I mean, people work hard for their money. Trucking is not easy. You know, they put their lives on the line, and for them to just not get the money, it’s just not fair.”

Ihab says he is more careful now.

“It’s a lesson for me,” he said.

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The Kamals also filed a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, and that office confirmed it has received one complaint against Alex Logistics. Now they say they plan to follow up with both agencies to see if anything else can be done.