By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS) — Hundreds of thousands of people ski and snowboard annually at Alpine Valley Resort, but at least three times since 2017 people have needed help with a kind of water hazard there.

Leah Schultz saw a woman on the iced-over river surface at the bottom of a ski slope on Monday.

“She had seen someone being pulled out of the river,” Leah’s mother said.

She said her daughter was shaken enough by what she saw to call her mother from the ski slopes.

“We see blood on the ice,” Leah said. “We see someone down there with a couple of medics.”

It was not the first time that a call for help went out there.

Melissa Mastros spoke to CBS 2 last week and said her son busted through a soft temporary fence and into the river earlier this month.

“He was skiing down one of the runs, and went through the fence and went into the river,” she said.

A report shows he was quickly pulled out and treated for hypothermia.

Over video chat, Susie Smyth said her daughter also ended up losing control on the same hill back in 2017, and went through the fencing, and needed to be rescued from the iced-over water.

While some argue that plastic-like fencing is safer than a solid barrier, because it can stretch upon impact and dull collisions, others still see problems.

“The netting is only on a little area of the creek. There’s so many more open areas you can still fall into,” Leah said.

Leah’s mother said she will not let her go back.

“No, I share the concerns with all the rest of the parents,” she said. “I’m not going to have my kid go back there.”

CBS 2 reached out to first responders for a medical update about the woman injured Monday. Calls were not returned. CBS 2 also reached out to the ski resort for comment on all the incidents, and there was no reply. Employees would also not give the name of the resort’s general manager when CBS 2 inquired.