CHICAGO (CBS)--A house exploded in West Englewood overnight.

The force of the blast tore a hole in the side of a home on the 6900 block of South Ada.

From blocks away, smoke could be seen barrelling out of the building’s roof.

Investigators suspect it was a gas explosion that occurred in the attic. Gas service has since been cut off to the home, authorities said.

No injuries were reported and nearby homes were left unscathed, but a neighbor says he has a lot of clean up to do Tuesday morning.

“The house next door just blew up, and we got all kinds of debris in our yard from the house blowing up,” said Dwayne Jackson.

Crews from Peoples Gas were on site Tuesday morning working with firefighters to make sure the scene is safe.

Neighbors say they smelled gas in the area yesterday, but a Peoples Gas spokesman said she can’t confirm whether a crew responded to the home earlier.