CHICAGO (CBS)–One year after Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer was killed as he pursued a suspect at the Thompson Center, hundreds gathered to honor the fallen officer.

The lower level of the Thompson Center on Wednesday was filled with members from the Chicago Police Department, Fire Department and other law enforcement agencies who gathered to pay their respect to Bauer, whose death captured headlines around the country.

The Thompson Center was filled with people Wednesday who gathered to pay their respects to slain Chicago police Cmdr. Paul Bauer, a year after his death.

“Paul was the type of father and role model that all of us strive to be,” Chicago Police tweeted Wednesday.

On this day last year, Cmdr. Bauer heard on his police radio that tactical officers were pursuing a suspect who was running from the Renaissance Hotel near State and Lake. Bauer confronted the suspect at the Thompson Center, where he was shot four times in the head after a struggle on a stairway.

Illinois State Police Sgt. Jeffery Jones was among the first to arrive in the stairwell, after the commander was shot.

“I think that’s one of the worst sights that I’ve ever seen, in my career,” Jones said.

A year later, the sounds of bagpipes filled the Thompson Center as people gathered to honor the slain Near North commander.

“Cmdr. Bauer–when somebody falls, whether it be on fire or police, we stand together, as brotherhood and sisterhood,”said Batallion Chief Patrick Maloney of the Chicago Fire Department.

First responders were joined by Bauer’s family.

His brother-in-law John Molloy said the outpouring of love helped lessen the pain of his grief.

“It meant a lot–it makes it easier,” Molloy said. “Even throughout the year. People sending food over, just calling. Little gestures go a long way.”