By Mugo Odigwe

CHICAGO (CBS) — The River North block where a bouncer was killed at a popular bar is the most dangerous block in the neighborhood.

People who live there say the area tends to get very busy at night and crowds lead to a whole lot of crime.

Chicago police investigate after two people were shot outside Sound Bar in the River north neighborhood. (Source: CapturedNews)

Chaos erupted after a brawl led to a shooting outside Sound Bar.

Thurman Bailey, a 28-year-old bounder at the night club, was shot and killed.

Thurman Bailey, 28, was shot and killed outside Sound Bar, a nightclub where he worked as a bouncer. (Photo provided to CBS)

“People running into sidewalks. Individuals running into cars,” said Jared Forman, who lives across from the bar.

CBS 2 scoured a Chicago police crime database and found that out of the nearly three square miles River North Covers, the block where Sound Bar is located is the most violent by far.

Since 2014 there have been 41 violent crimes in the 200 block of West Ontario.

In comparison the average block in River North has had a little more than six violent crimes in the last five years.

“When you have a pattern of abuse of liquor licenses on this specific one neighborhood, it begs the question, ‘Why aren’t the city regulators cracking down on these people?'” said Ald. Brendan Riley (42nd).

Reilly said his family lives about 100 feet from where the shooting happened.

Now with a gun related death at Sound Bar, he’s asking the Chicago police department for a summary closure.

“There are provisions in the code that do allow the city’s commissioner and Department of Public Affairs to shut them down while we sort through the facts of this case,” he said.

It’s something some people hope will lead to change.

“It’s feeling too risky,” business owner April Parrella said. “It’s feeling very risky around here.”

The Law Department and the Department of Business Affairs will look at the facts and video footage and determine if the summary closure is appropriate.

Just a few blocks away is the 600 block of North Franklin, the second most violent in River North.