Chicago (CBS) — It was supposed to be a school shooting drill. But some Indiana teachers ended up getting shot – for real – when law enforcement officers opened fire with pellet guns.

The White County Sheriff’s Office led a drill at an elementary school in Northern Indiana in January. Teachers say they were led into a room and told to crouch down. Then, according to the teachers, they were shot – execution style – with airsoft pellet guns.


On Thursday, the teachers association revealed the story, as part of a push to get state lawmakers to ban this type of training statewide.

“This is that extreme situation where people are actually being injured bodily because of the responsibilities they now have in our school systems. It’s tragic,” said Dan Holub of the Indiana State Teachers Association.

The White County sheriff claimed the department has since stopped using the pellet guns in training. Still, the teachers association is hoping to convince lawmakers to amend a school safety bill currently in the state Senate.