By Suzanne Le Mignot

Chicago (CBS) — A teacher in Rogers Park recorded herself degrading a student Tuesday and accidentally sent the video to other students.

The former Juana Ines de la Cruz math teacher spoke about a fight involving Shanique Branford’s little sister and another female student in a self-recorded Snapchat video.

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“Here we are. Got some weave in our hands. Got some cheap shots on the side. ‘Cause this guy is worth it. He’s worth it,” the teacher says.

Branford said she was surprised the teacher showed up to school Wednesday.

“They need to let her go. They need to do something about her. She can’t be here knowing what she did,” Branford said.

Branford said she learned about the video after other students told her.

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“I think [the teacher] air dropped it and she didn’t notice and a couple kids saw it,” Branford said. “She was talking about my sister’s weave and my sister been had a problem. She been telling us about the problem with her, saying how she’s mean to my sister. How she talks about her weave like, ‘Oh, this is not your real hair,’ and stuff like that.”

The teacher also talks about a boy in the video.

“One of the stupidest, dumbest people I’ve ever seen in my life. Like this kid probably doesn’t even know what 2 + 2 is if his life depended on it, kind of dumb,” she says.

“About the boy, he doesn’t know what 2 + 2 is. That’s not right,” Branford said. “The school is a safe place for students. It doesn’t matter their race or ethnic background. She shouldn’t be talking about kids like that.”

Helena Stangle, chief external affairs officer for Acero Schools, said in a statement:

“Acero School immediately began a rigorous investigation once informed of this incident. Although we are legally precluded from commenting on confidential personnel matters, Acero will follow our employee polices and exercise all available remedies pursuant to the investigative findings.”

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The teacher is no longer an Acero employee. The school did not comment on whether she was fired or quit.

Suzanne Le Mignot