By Tim McNicholas

CHICAGO (CBS) — The City of Hammond is suing the owner of an Airbnb rental property, accusing him of converting the unit to house up to 62 people.

Neighbors say the home has caused plenty of problems.

The chairs and cones by the curb look like dibs during a Chicago winter, but it’s spring in Northwest Indiana.

“Parking is a big issue here,” said Rob Jacubielski.

He said his neighbors put them out because they’re tired of guests at the Airbnb rental taking their parking places.

“They’re in and out at all points of the night,” he said. “I have two dogs, and they’re barking at 3 in the morning because somebody’s out here getting into a car or they’re walking in or they’re talking out here on the porch.”

Jacubielski said the owner started renting out the home on Airbnb about a month and a half ago.

Neighbors also complain of overflowing trash in the garbage cans, and they’re not the only ones complaining.

“This gentleman is trying to rent out every square inch,” said Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott.

McDermott said the home owner is committing a zoning violation because he didn’t apply for an additional use permit.

The city’s lawsuit states the city sent the owner a cease and desist letter on April 5.

McDermott said they haven’t heard back, and the owner is still renting, so the city is suing.

“So all the neighbors have to live with all this extra trash generated and all these people coming and going,” he said. “And it’s not zoned. It’s like if I turned my house into a 7-11. You can’t do that. You have to comply with zoning.”

Online there are multiple bedrooms listed for the home, and the city’s lawsuit states the home is set up for dozens of people.

No one answered the door when CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas knocked Wednesday.

“Especially in the evening we have older people on this block, and they need to be parked in front of their homes,” Jacubielski said. “And for the most part, we can’t do that on this block now.”

The mayor said the homeowner does not live in Hammond.

The home was listed Wednesday on Airbnb for about $18 a night with the next availability on Saturday.

CBS 2 reached out to the property owner but has not yet heard back.

Tim McNicholas