CHICAGO (CBS) — Any day now Marlen Ochoa is expected to give birth, but she has been missing for more than a week.

Ochoa has a 3-year-old, and her family says she would not just simply leave.

Family members say she may have been sighted at the Walgreens at 55th and Kedzie last Wednesday, a day after she disappeared, but they not been able to confirm that.

“Captured, I think. Kidnapped, probably,” said Oscar Ochoa, Marlen’s brother.

The family fears she was taken against her will.

“It’s hard for me to believe that she wanted to leave,” said Oscar.

The mom, who is nine months pregnant, was last seen April 23 leaving Latino Youth High School in Pilsen and was supposedly heading to pick up her son. She never showed up, and there has been no communication since.

“They haven’t tracked down the phone,” said Marlen’s mother Raquel Uriostegui, as her son interpreted for her. “They haven’t located the car.”

Ochoa is due to give birth to her second child Sunday.

“Yes they were having problems,” Raquel said of her daughter’s marriage.

Oscar, who is only 13, said the family is desperate for answers.

“I get emotional, but my mom just tells me that it’s alright. She’s ok,” he said. “And I do believe that.”

Ochoa’s family is still trying to work with Walgreens to look at the security video. So far they have no been able to do so, and they aren’t sure if Chicago detectives have been able to take a look at that video either.