CHICAGO (CBS) — One woman says she had a close call when connected with the woman accused of luring 19-year-old expecting mother Marlen Ochoa to her home and murdering her and removing the baby from her womb.

The secret Facebook group “Help a Sister Out,” where Ochoa also connected with Clarisa Figueroa, had more than 32,000 members and was created in December 2016.

One woman, who asked to remain nameless, said women in the group would sell clothes and diapers and even donate diapers.

She said she was three months pregnant when her sister invited her to join the group last year.

“For me, when I would pick up donations, I would be like, ‘OK, it’s a sister group.’ I wouldn’t think there would be so much danger to it,” she said.

Two days ago administrators made the decision to shut down the page after news broke about Marlen Ochoa and her baby. Ochoa was also a member of the group.

“I remember her commenting on girls,” the woman said. “She would support girls because it wasn’t just a donation group. It was a group where you were supporting people emotionally.”

A screenshot of a conversation shows Ochoa connected with Figueroa on the group before she disappeared. Ochoa was looking for items for her baby.

Figueroa told her she had extra clothes for her baby and for them to meet. The conversation was similar to one the woman had with Figueroa in March.

“I had posted formula for donations,” she said. “She did contact me through messages.”

For five days Figueroa and the woman exchanged several messages. One from Figueroa reads in part, “Hey I’m interested in the formula urgently can you deliver I’m on 77th karlov.”

The woman replied by saying she had no car.

Figueroa replied, “Where exactly are you located? Can you send me your address?”

“She wanted me to go to her house, and I told her no, because that’s the day my boyfriend had crashed, and I didn’t feel like meeting up with anyone,” the woman said.

She said she can’t help but think about what could have happened.

“It’s something that will stick with me and open up your eyes about Facebook and all social media,” she said.

The group has been archived on Facebook, meaning no new posts or members can be added, but posts can still be viewed.