Chicago (CBS)—Expressway shootings are common in Chicago, with more than a dozen reported so far this year—the latest on Sunday night.

A driver shot in the back last weekend is among the victims wounded or killed in the 19 shootings on Chicago-area expressways since the beginning of the year.

The shootings are taking their toll—not just on lives–but also on Illinois taxpayers.

Every time there’s shooting, Illinois State Police send out press releases detailing the place and time and noting the ongoing investigation.

The police investigations come at a cost, and CBS 2 broke down the numbers.

Between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, there were six shootings. Two were on the Dan Ryan and two were on I-57 on the same day. The Eisenhower and Kennedy each had one shooting, reports show.

In each incident, state troopers are the first to respond–flooding the scene and blocking traffic.

The manpower comes at a cost.

Those six shootings during the six-week period cost taxpayers $66,901, according to records.

An additional 14 expressway shootings have been reported since Valentine’s Day, adding to taxpayer costs.

Each shooting costs about an average of $11,000, so those shootings cost taxpayers $154,000.

Dorothy Tucker