By Jim Williams

CHICAGO (CBS)– One second, Tony Tekiela was driving, the next, his windshield was shattered.

On Monday, around 3 p.m. the northwest Indiana man was heading south on the Dan Ryan Expressway after a day of work, under the pedestrian overpass at 93rd Street and the Dan Ryan Expressway.

“I see a kid throw his arm up in the air,” he said.

A second later, concrete shattered Tekiela’s windshield.

“It threw shards of glass into my face, but I never lost control of the car, I was able to pull over and call the state police,” he said.

Tekiela wondered if the culprit was a student from a nearby grade school, which had just let out for the day. He told CBS 2 that he talked to a school administrator.

He said the administrator said she had a good idea of who it might have been and this was the second incident in two weeks.

Tekiela wants the consequences known.

“The kids don’t know what the consequences are and what’s going to happen when this object comes down,” Tekiela said. “It could kill somebody.

Officials are working with school administrators to determine whether or not a student could have thrown the concrete.