CHICAGO (CBS) —  Tyler Bernicky, the son of a Chicago Fire Department lieutenant, is being remembered as a “good kid” who loved being with his family, “happy, laughing.”

Early Saturday morning, Chicago police were called to 79th and Ingleside for a car on fire, but what they found was much more disturbing. Investigators say Bernicky  was on the ground with several stab wounds to the chest and legs.

Tyler Bernicky (Source: Family Photo)

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office says 25-year-old Bernicky was dead at the scene. 

“He always liked to be around family,” said his mother, Carolyn Bernicky. “He liked everyone being together, happy, laughing. Yeah, that was him.”

“He’s a good kid,” Carolyn Bernicky said. “I know people say that all the time when things like this happen. I just want people to know that you are hurting people. You’re taking lives and you are hurting other people’s lives.”

Bernicky had no obvious ties to the area where he died and it’s unclear why he was there at the time.

“We just need to find out who this vicious person is because this is a vicious homicide,” community activist Andrew Holmes said over the weekend.

Lieutenant David Bernicky, Tyler’s father, addressed the media on Monday.

“We need any information we can get,” Lieutenant Bernicky said. “People need to come out and give the information. Bring these people to justice.”

Lieutenant Bernicky said Tyler was visiting his grandmother’s house. He said working on cars was Tyler’s passion and he “put on a smile on everyone’s face.”

“Let us grieve in peace,” Lieutenant Bernicky said.

Adam, Tyler’s best friend, said the two had plans to open up their own custom car shop.

“Anything you needed he got it for you,” Adam said. “It doesn’t make sense.”