By Charlie De Mar

CHICAGO (CBS) — Rescuers pulled a child out of Lake Michigan at Rainbow Beach around 9 Tuesday night.

A 19-year-old who just finished EMT training heard that girl screaming and jumped into action.

People at the beach said they saw the girl in the water lifeless. A young girl swimming nearby said she grabbed the other girl and screamed for help.

That’s when 19-year-old Kianti Champion heard those calls for help. She had just wrapped up training with the Black Fire Brigade and said she knew something needed to be done, so she started chest compressions and giving CPR until paramedics arrived.

“I heard screaming, but I thought it was just, you know, kids screaming at the beach,” she said. “And then I looked and I saw the baby laid out, and I’m like, ‘Mommy, we have to go now.’ And I’m like, ‘Come on.’ So I ran over, and I’m like, “I’m going to start compressions because that’s what I know to do.’ And so a lot of people were crowding around, and I’m like, I just have to keep going till someone gets here to transfer the care.”

The girl was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital in critical condition.

Charlie De Mar