CHICAGO (CBS) — Nearly six months after Roslyn Drew ordered a new sofa, delivery crews abandoned the couch on her front lawn, leaving it to sit there for two weeks.

Drew waited since January for her order from 1 Stop Bedrooms: a leather recliner and a sleeper sofa.

While she waited, she plotted out how crews could fit it all through her door, by tilting it on its side and turning it through the doorway, but she said the delivery guys didn’t listen to her plan.

“He brought it through over this railing and past this tree. He was pushing past this tree with it, and all the branches were poking this sofa. I said, ‘Why’d you bring it in like that? Everybody else uses the stairs,’” she said.

Her highly-anticipated couch never made it inside, and wasn’t returned to the warehouse. The delivery guys simply left the sofa outside on her lawn, and the couch, cardboard, and blankets from the delivery sat outside for two weeks.

“The guy just dropped it on the ground, and said, ‘Ma’am, I can’t take that back.’ I said you have to put it back on the truck. He said, ‘No, I can’t take it back,’” Drew said. “Who else’s furniture do they come to their home and just leave it on the sidewalk if they can’t get it through the door?”

A representative for Ridol movers said, if they can’t complete a delivery, what they do with it is up to the company that hired them.

“We’re contracted out, so we follow protocol from other companies,” he said. “Depends on what they instruct us to do.”

Apparently, there were no instructions from 1 Stop Bedrooms for Drew’s delivery. The company was closed the night of the delivery, and emails from customer service blamed her.

“You agreed at the time of the delivery for the sofa to be left outside,” a customer service representative stated in an email to Drew.

Drew said she was told she would have to pay an $89.99 re-delivery fee to have a crew come back to try to either get the couch inside or take it back to 1 Stop Bedrooms.

That fee was suddenly waived after CBS 2 got involved.

Drew said 1 Stop Bedrooms removed the couch two weeks after the original delivery. She’s worried animals might have crawled inside while it sat outside.

The company said it will inspect the sleeper sofa, bring it back to Drew’s house piece by piece, and reassemble it inside.

The Better Business Bureau gives 1 Stop Bedrooms a D rating, and shows a log of 450 customer complaints in the past year. A customer service manager said that rating is unfair, claiming those hundreds of complaints pale in comparison to its 12,000 to 15,000 orders per month.

Lauren Victory