CHICAGO (CBS) — The city is keeping a close eye on the weather in case it turns dangerous during Sunday’s Pride Parade.

The long hours of planning and painting inside Roscoe’s Tavern are in the final moments with a cocktail of acrylic paints, glitter and foam core.

The brush strokes are part of the finishing touches for Ricky Skaritka.

“This is my fifth float with Roscoe’s Tavern,” he said. “We’ve given ourselves a couple weeks, probably could use a couple more.”

But, the crowds lining the parade route and cheering in one of the nation’s largest pride parades could face weather detours Sunday.

Possible rain or severe weather is in the forecast, and an estimated one million could be bracing for a storm.

“I think it’s a concern no matter what the festival is, where it’s at, just hope everyone cooperates and it all happens smoothly and safely,” Skaritka said.

The city says in the event of severe weather, they could work with other agencies like the CTA to provide as early notification as possible to those along and in the parade route to seek shelter.

The city’s first openly gay mayor Lori Lightfoot is scheduled to be this year’s grand marshal. As a result, it’s a parade with special meaning for many and a weather warning for all.

“We’ll just have to hope for the best and if it does rain, we’ll get a rainbow out of it,” Skaritka said.

The parade kicks off Sunday at noon. Road closures will begin around 8 a.m.