CHICAGO (CBS)– The south suburban school nun who fired a nearly perfect first pitch at a Chicago White Sox Game in August is up for an ESPY Award for “Best Viral Sports Moment.”

Now, her school, Marian Catholic High School in Chicago Heights, is sending her off in style. Students cheered as sister Mary Jo Sobieck danced through the crowd, baseball in hand.

Credit: Chicago White Sox

“When this happened, two people said to me you could be nominated for an ESPY for this. I was like no way and then I was like why not,” Sobieck said. “God has done this, there’s no cap on what you can imagine with God”

Evelyn Santillan a Marian Graduate said sister Mary Jo Sobieck is like a mom to the students and a “good person to come and support.”

“I am so happy for her,” Emma Dwyer, Marian student, said.

As a former high school and collegiate athlete, Sobieck admits she’s competitive, but says if she does not bring home the ESPY she will not feel likes she lost.

“All of this has been a win,” she said.

Fans can vote on the ESPY voting website.