CHICAGO (CBS) — Cubs slugger Kris Bryant spent part of his final day off for the All-Star break hitting baseballs into the Chicago River.

It was part of a promotional stunt for Red Bull, which is reintroducing a Bryant-branded can of its energy drink.

Kayakers scooped up some of the prized souvenirs.

This is the second time Bryant has taken batting practice into the river, doing so back in 2017.

After the event Bryant said, “This is just part of peak weather. Summertime in Chicago, everybody’s on their lunch break showing up. Like, such a cool thing to do, and I’m so happy Red Bull has given me the opportunity to do this. I think it would be super cool to go down, like right in Wrigleyville, like right in the middle of the street and just like take out some windows. Red Bull would have to pay for them, of course.”