CHICAGO (CBS)– Low-hanging tree branches are a big cause of concern for a West Lawn homeowner. After months of asking the city for help, signs were put up and the service was scheduled.

But the work still did not get done at 65th and Hamlin, where a trio of trees with branches draped over Eddie Guillen’s property.

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Orange no parking notices were posted on the trees, indicating work would be done to trim the branches. Days later, tickets were issued to people who parked while the signs were up, the signs were removed, but the tree branches are still untouched.

“How long? How many more months?” Guillen questioned.

The West Lawn homeowner told CBS 2 he’s been asking the city to trim them since April, before something bad happens.

“One of the branches falling down, hitting the house,” Guillen said.

This past week, the Bureau of Forestry stapled orange signs outside Guillen’s home, stating vehicles would be ticketed or towed during a 4-day period while the trees were being trimmed.

Guillen said the work still has not been done.

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“No, it hasn’t,” Guillen said. “Even looking through the cameras to double-check, maybe, but there was nothing done.”

Guillen’s home surveillance cameras did capture a city employee pulling up, removing the signs, and driving away.

“It’s very frustrating to see that they’re taking down these signs, but no work is being done. So who’s paying for this?” he said.

CBS 2 reached out to the city’s Bureau of Forestry about the branches, but did not get a response.

In a statement, Ald. Sivana Tabres (23rd) said her office has received thousands of service requests, including for tree trimming and removal.

“As an advocate for 23rd Ward residents, it’s my job to push the city every day to provide services local residents are counting on,” she stated.

Guillen said there needs to be some kind of accountability.

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The Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation responded to our story saying in part, weather, vehicle, or other operational complications prohibit the department from completing trims on trees and they will work to reschedule “as soon as possible.”