CHICAGO (CBS) — Emotional testimony from people who lost loved ones in last spring’s deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash.

The 737 Max Jet they were flying in was made by Chicago-based Boeing. Families are telling a Congressional panel their stories of shock and sadness. One of those relatives is Paul Njoroge who said he buries himself in grief every sing day and that Boeing is responsible.

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“The 737 Max crash killed my wife, my three children, my mother-in-law and 341 others. Today I speak not only with my voice but the voices of my departed family.”

His son wanted to be an astronaut. His older daughter was a great singer. His infant daughter a joy. Njoroge said he misses them every minute of every day.

“I think about their last six minutes a lot. “My wife and my mom-in-law knew they were going to die. They had to somehow comfort the children during those final moments, knowing they were all their last. I wish I was there with them. It never leaves me but my family’s flesh is there in Ethiopia mixed with the soil and jet fuel and pieces of the aircraft.”

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Last March, 157 people were killed in the Ethiopian Air disaster.

Boeing has apologized and said it’s fixing a faulty software sensor that triggered that crash. But Njoroge said the aviation giant put profit before people and called that “an insult to humanity.”

The victims’ families are demanding regulators perform a new review of the jets. They also want pilots to get flight simulator training and they want Boeing executives fired.

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Five months after the Ethiopian Air disaster, 189 others died when a Boeing 737 Max crashed off the coast of Indonesia.