CHICAGO (CBS) — A Bucky’s convenience store employee in Naperville has been fired, after he was caught on camera telling customers from Mexico to “go back to their country.”

The incident took place at a Bucky’s convenience store at 1576 Washington St. in Naperville. In a Facebook post on Tuesday, a member of the Buitron family indicated the unnamed employee refused service because they are from Mexico.

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In the video, the employee at the counter tells the women he is “an American” and then asks, “are you a citizen?” After a woman responds asking “what is your problem?” the employee states in the video, “they need to go back to their county.”

As the Buitron family left the store, the employee states, “ICE will come.”

In a second video, other people in line can be seen getting involved in the verbal altercation. One man in line can be heard saying to the women “you have no right” and “leave.”

In an email, Bucky’s attorney Stephen Kalhorn said the “employee no longer works for us.”

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Carolina Buitron told CBS 2, said she was cycling with six family members when a bike broke down near the store. While they waited for help, 15-year-old Indira Buitron went into the store to buy food.

Carolina said the clerk told the teen that the food she was buying was expensive and questioned the legal status of her two cousins waiting outside. The teen said they were her cousins visiting from Mexico.

Moments later, multiple family members went into the store to confront the employee.

Naperville police and city officials investigating this incident.

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Buitron family members said activists had been planning a protest at the gas station Thursday, but it was unclear if that protest will go on after the employee was fired.