CHICAGO (CBS)– Nearly 100 people are living in a building without air conditioning in Old Town.

Saturday’s temperatures in the upper 90s are the hottest of the year. 

Schiff Residences, located at 1244 north Clybourn, is five stories with approximately 96 occupants, according to the Chicago Fire Department.

One person was transported to Northwestern Hospital in good condition.

Cooling busses were on the scene with CFD and OEMC officials.

“It’s cooler outside than it is in our apartments,” resident Carmen Brown said.

Another resident, Curtis Hayes said it was so hot in his apartment he almost passed out.

Many of the residents who the call this building home are formerly homeless and Cabrini-Green residents, many of them elderly or disabled.

Tenants tell CBS 2 this is not a new issue.

“It’s been broken like this for a long time,” Hayes said.

Brown agrees and doesn’t want to go through this “year after year.”

CBS 2 is still waiting for a response from Mercy housing, the company running the Schiff residences. The building had no outstanding violations in the building’s code enforcement records.

“I really don’t know what I’m going to do, but something’s going to have to be done,” Hayes said.

The City’s solution is relocation and officials have offered temporary rooms elsewhere for residents. Only one resident has accepted that offer, the rest are refusing to leave their homes and just want the air restored.

Eric Cox