By Matt Zahn

CHICAGO (CBS)– The kicker battle is officially on at Bears training camp.

One day after Elliott Fry made seven of eight kicks in the field goal drill, ending with a 60-yarder, Eddy Pineiro equaled him in accuracy, going seven for eight as well, and then one-upped him in the long distance department.

“Coach asked me, hey let’s hit 60,” said Pineiro. “I was like, nah, you guys hit 60 yesterday. We’re going 63 today.”

Matt Nagy added, “How do you not like two kickers battling after everything that’s gone on with this team and city.”

The head coach also liked what he saw in rookie running back David Montgomery, who was itching to get the pads on. Nagy pointed out his great vision, but Montgomery was more concerned with a couple of mistakes that he made. That included putting the ball on the ground.

Montgomery admitted, “I had a lot of errors myself. I hold myself accountable for the bads, because the good I’m supposed to do.”

Nagy, who stuck around to sign autographs after practice, said the offense was just okay today. He also pointed out that it has a lot to do with a pretty good defense on the other side of the ball.