CHICAGO (CBS)– Police are warning about an assault Saturday evening at the CTA Roosevelt station in the South Loop.

That attack took place shortly after 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

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The incident is being investigated as a robbery, but the victims consider it a hate crime. They believe they were robbed not because of what they had, but because of whom they love.

“They were literally just looking for a fight,” Mikey, one of the victims, said. “We were an easy target, I guess.”

Murphy said he and four of his friends were taking the Red Line home from a street festival in Boystown Saturday night.

When they reached the Roosevelt station in the South Loop, they were met by a large group of teens and young adults.

“Like 15 to 20 people,” David, a second victim, said.

The group was shouting derogatory remarks in their direction.

The homophobia wasn’t where it ended.

Mikey told CBS 2 he was punched from behind and fell to the floor. A bruise behind his ear is evidence of the attack.

“And then about five or six other guys come rushing after that first guy punched me and start kicking me,” Mikey said.

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Mikey said his attackers also fought with his friends before stealing his wallet and running off.

“The CTA lady didn’t even help us,” he said. “She didn’t know what to do, but there was only one of her. One girl working and no security? That’s the problem.”

CBS 2 has been following crime on the CTA. There were 70 incidents in June and 113 in July — a spike in violence around 60%.

Chicago police released a community alert about what happened to Mikey and his friends.

The release only mentions two victims and includes photos of just three offenders they are searching for.

“They didn’t even put on there the first person that initially attacked,” Erik, another victim, said.

The victims believe officers are downplaying their traumatizing experience.

“They were tyring to play a game of who’s going to get bashed,” Erik said.

One of the victims told CBS 2 the female offender turned herself in earlier today. Police were unwilling to confirm that Monday evening.

Officers are acknowledging derogatory remarks were placed in the report.

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CBS 2 reached out to CTA to request surveillance of the attack and the moments leading up to it. The Chicago Transit Authority has not yet responded.