LOMBARD, Ill. (CBS) —  Some female students at Glenbard East High School said they’re being shamed at school because of what they’re wearing.

The girls apparently got in trouble for showing their shoulders.

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CBS 2’s Cesar Rodriguez has the story from Glenbard East High School and tells why some believe it’s a double standard.

Chloe Lynch said a dean informed her and other girls on Wednesday, on the first day of school, that they couldn’t wear sleeveless shirts. When students questioned the dean, Lynch was told that she should cover up because boys were looking at her.

“I see no issues with dress code policies, but it was just very much so implying that girls are the reason for boys looking at you,” Lynch said. “It isn’t the boys’ fault, and it’s because what you are wearing, which I thought was not acceptable.”

The dean added that “she could see my back and also that my shoulders out.”

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The high school junior said violators were forced to wear black or bright orange t-shirts.

“It made me feel very much so discriminated against in terms of gender. Because it was clear there were boys that were wearing tank tops,” Lynch said.

The school’s dress code policy clearly states that both boys and girls aren’t allowed to use sleeveless shirts. But further outrage for some parents over pictures that show staff members wearing sleeveless shirts.

“I don’t think it’s my problem if someone is looking at me,” Lynch said. “I think it’s a bigger distraction to make a bigger deal about it.”

CBS 2 went to the school to ask about the policy, but a security guard said to leave. School administrators would not answer questions on camera but gave a written statement that addresses the social media buzz but not the dress code policy.

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A letter by Glenbard East High School Principal Shahe Bagdasarian reads:

“We have been made aware of the social media posts about Glenbard East and the dress code. Unfortunately, the information relayed was not entirely accurate. The post has since been suspended. We continue to work tirelessly to educate all students while maintaining a safe and productive learning environment.”