By Mugo Odigwe

CHICAGO (CBS) — The family of Rashad Cunningham planned a march in Gary, Indiana, on Wednesday, as they continue seeking answers about why police shot and killed him over the weekend, but the demonstration did not go as planned.

The organizer of the march was the only one who showed up for about 30 minutes, when Cunningham’s girlfriend, Heather Fox, also arrived.

Fox said a friend was dropping Cunningham off at a house near 23rd and Kentucky around 3:15 a.m. Saturday, when an officer pulled up and fired five to six shots through the driver’s side. She said four of those shots hit Cunningham.

Rashad Cunningham

Rashad Cunningham was shot and killed by Gary police on Saturday, Aug. 17. 2019. (Credit: Cunningham Family)

Police have said Cunningham, a father of five, was holding a gun at the time, but Fox insisted he was a licensed concealed carry gun owner.

“It’s not okay. I want answers. I want the dispatch. I want to hear the dispatch, and I want to know how long does it take to give us some answers?” she said.

Cunningham’s supporters now plan a rally around 1:30 p.m. outside the Gary Police Department.

Police have said officers were investigating a call of “shots fired” in the area early Saturday, when they approached a vehicle with three people inside.

“Officers approached the vehicle and during the course of the investigation a police officer’s weapon was discharged resulting in the death of Rashad Cunningham,” police said Monday.

Many of Cunningham’s loved ones sat together Tuesday night at the Gary Common Council meeting – seeking answers surrounding the fatal shooting.

After two and a half hours of waiting, one of them finally got to touch the podium.

“My family has felt a bit disrespected. We’ve been here for quite some time waiting to be heard,” said Ivan Simmons, Cunningham’s uncle.

Police have said Cunningham was holding a gun when the shooting happened. His family has said he had a concealed carry permit.

“He had a Second Amendment right to carry a weapon,” Simmons said. “His pursuit of happiness is gone. He was trying to provide for his children, who he loved. They will never see their father again.”

Gary police have not provided any more information about the shooting, including the name of the officer who fired the shot, or whether any officers have been placed on administrative leave.

“A wall of silence has covered this situation with Rashad,” Simmons said. “We haven’t heard from anyone.”

Gary police and the Lake County (Indiana) Sheriff’s Department are conducting an investigation.

Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson told the crowd Tuesday night that she will push for an investigation when the “time is right.”