By Tim McNicholas

CHICAGO (CBS)– A driver is pushing back against the city after getting a ticket for parking in a restricted zone. But she says there was nothing restricted about the spot.

It’s the same block, the 2600 block of West 15th Place, where CBS 2 exposed similar parking problems from earlier this summer.

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Signs in the area warn drivers that there is no parking for part of the block on school days, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., except for school personnel.

Tabitha Belardo doesn’t work for Ambrose Plamondo Elementary, but she says she has parked in the zone all summer to get her job, which is nearby, with no problems. She said she planned to stop parking there September 3rd–the first day of school for CPS. But, she got the ticket from CPD August 26 after parking right next to one of the warning signs.

“I’m a little upset because this is a $100 ticket and no one has just $100 to be throwing out,” Belardo said.

Belardo said she turned around before a dead-end at the end of the street and parked across the street from the school, which she has done throughout the summer. Like several other cars, she was parked facing the wrong way (against the flow of traffic on her side of the street), which could result in a $25 citation.

But Belardo’s ticket does not mention anything about facing the wrong way. Instead, it’s a $100 ticket that lists a “no stand/park time restricted” violation.

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“I did take pictures so I can contest my ticket,” Belardo said. “But I also moved my vehicle to avoid someone else calling saying I was parked there.”

Belardo’s coworker, Mia Wills, was ticketed for parking in the zone at the beginning of summer break. She called CBS 2 and then, the city’s Department of Finance petitioned to dismiss the ticket.

CBS 2 reached out to the city about Belardo’s ticket.

A CPD spokesperson said Belardo is welcome to contest it and, while CPS students have not returned “it’s very likely that CPD school personnel…have returned to classes as they prepare for students.”

CBS 2 did see several adults walking in and out of the building Monday.

“I think they should have a date range (on the signs),” Belardo said. “If school starts September 3rd to June 24th, they should put that on there.”

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A spokesperson for the city’s Department of Finance said the department will be looking into Belardo’s ticket and, if it was written in error, it will be dismissed.

Tim McNicholas