By Charlie De Mar

CHICAGO (CBS) — The attorney for a woman who claims she was raped by a Chicago wealth manager during a vacation in Italy says the video speaks volumes and shows that she was in no shape to consent.

Surveillance video from the Tiberio Palace Hotel in Capri, Italy, allegedly shows Sahra Isla being carried into the hotel on the back of Thomas Kane in the early morning hours of July 2018.

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Kane is a private wealth advisor who lives in River North.

In a civil complaint filed this week, Kane is accused of drugging Isla’s drink at a night club. The lawsuit states he “continuously pressure plaintiff to drink more.”

She immediately felt “extremely dizzy and tired.”

“Anybody who looks at that tape can tell she is unconscious,” said attorney Edward Hayes.

CBS 2 spoke with Isla’s New York-based attorney on FaceTime.

He said after the club Kane took Isla back to the hotel.

They can be seen in the lobby. Once upstairs Isla is back on her feet, but her weight is heavily supported.

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Eventually she ended up in Kane’s room,where she had been sleeping with friends after their travel plans fell through.

“The law is if you can’t give consent by reason of the fact that you are basically passed out. That’s rape,” said Hayes.

Isla says she was raped and woke up alone in Kane’s bed complaining of “sharp pain in her genital, pelvic and lower abdomen area.”

Kane left the next morning for his flight back to the States.

“It’s very hard for her to go out and to maintain other relationships,” Hayes said.

But Kane’s attorney said this is nothing more than a money grab, adding there’s “documentary and photographic evidence” proving that the relationship was consensual.

“That’s garbage,” Hayes said. “What do you expect him to say? If he feels that way, let him stand in front of a jury and say that.”

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Kane’s attorney also said that Isla’s legal team has been asking for money and making threats for weeks, but Kane has not paid a dime because he said he’s done nothing wrong. He calls it a sorry attempt to ruin Kane’s reputation.

Charlie De Mar