CHICAGO (CBS) — Prosecutors say a failed business venture drove a man to brutally murder Tyler Bernicky, the son of a Chicago Fire lieutenant.

At the Leighton Criminal Courthouse Friday defendant Ronald Franklin, 34, often looked back and friends and family members as the hearing went on.

Ronald Franklin is charged with murder and arson in the stabbing death of Tyler Bernicky, the son of a Chicago Fire Department lieutenant. (Source: Chicago Police)

He is accused of murder and arson.

Prosecutors said Franklin has a history including drug and gun charges, but it’s his business history that sparked the accusations.

According to court filings, he and Bernicky were selling off equipment after ending their auto detailing business.

Investigators believe Bernicky took $2,200 from a sale and did not give it to Franklin.

Days later police were called to the site of the crime at 79th and Ingleside on June 15.

Sources say the victim was fatally stabbed. Then his car was set on fire. Tyler Bernicky, 25, the son of a Chicago firefighter, was lying on the ground with several stab wounds to the chest and legs and back and was pronounced dead on the scene.

Franklin’s family and attorney would not comment Friday.

A judge ruled Franklin would receive no bond.