CHICAGO (CBS) — Youth activists in Chicago will lead a protest march and rally on Friday to demand businesses and lawmakers do something about the climate crisis, as part of a Global Climate Strike.

Millions around the world are expected to walk out of their schools and workplaces as part of the climate strikes in more than 150 nations, ahead of the U.N. Climate Change Summit in New York next week.

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The movement is being led by teen activists.

In Chicago, youths from across the city and suburbs plan to walk out of school on Friday and gather in Grant Park at 11 a.m., before marching to Federal Plaza for a rally.

The Illinois chapter of the Youth Climate Action Program is organizing the protest in Chicago.

Donovan Lockett, a senior at Bogan High School, will be among the speakers at the rally at Federal Plaza.

Lockett said climate change is a serious problem, from rising global temperatures to pollution in the Chicago area. He said to solve the problem, government and businesses must do better.

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Recently Lockett visited Greenland and northern Canada, where he learned more about climate change and its impact.

“The bigger surprise to me is actually seeing a real iceberg, actually seeing icebergs bigger than many of the skyscrapers in downtown Chicago, also bigger than this whole block over here,” he said. “I hope to see, in the future, a world where we doesn’t have to worry about climate change anymore.”

Emily Graslie, the Field Museum’s chief curiosity correspondent, was invited to serve as the keynote speaker at the Chicago rally. She plans to address two challenging topics: how do we know climate change is real, and how do we know humans are causing it?

Graslie is advocating for science and climate solutions.

“I want everybody to really look introspectively about the change that they can make within their communities, and within their work, and within their schools. We all have something to say about this issue, and I think talking about climate anxiety is one of the most powerful things we can do about it,” she said.

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After the rally, the Field Muesum is offering free admission to all Illinois residents, and protesters are invited to visit the museum after the strike.